Mike Freeman - Lead Pastor/Elder

Where Are You From?
Federal Way, WA

What Do/Did You Do for a Living?
Before pastoring, I worked in the grocery business managing a produce department and sharing my faith with coworkers and customers.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
I have the privilege of serving as the lead pastor at Valley. This means I along with the other elders get to lead our church to know and follow the Bible as those who have trusted in God’s love for us expressing in Jesus’ death and resurrection. I also get to spend much of my time working with and developing other leaders so they can fulfill God’s call upon their lives inside and outside of the church.

Phil Peters - Elder

Where Are You From?
I was Missouri born and Northwest raised. My family moved to Pullman WA when I was 9 years old where my Dad planted Emmanuel Baptist Church. I graduated High School in Spokane, WA and have since lived my life in Western Washington or Western Oregon.

What Do/Did You Do for a Living?
I have been engaged in ministry all of my adult life including 24 years as pastor and the past 12 years as a consultant and coach to churches and pastors in the network we call the Northwest Baptist Convention. My title now is Church Planting Catalyst. I love encouraging, listening to and coaching men in ministry.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
For a season in the 1980/90’s I was pastor of Valley. When we returned to Longview after a decade of ministry in Oregon, we reunited with Valley while I began a new-to-me ministry of supporting pastors and churches in the region. I am currently an elder with opportunities to encourage and coach ministry leaders in the church family.

Mario Gambaro - Elder

Where Are You From?
I was born in Herlong, California in 1946. Our Family moved to Mexico City where new lived for three years when I was 5-8 years. We returned to the United States and I grew up in the Washington D. of C. area. I remained there until I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I moved to Longview Washington in November of 1968

What Do/Did You Do for a Living?
I have been given many opportunities here in the Longview area. Throughout the years, I have worked with many fine individuals and organizations. I worked in emergency services, prior to working at Longview Fibre Company where I worked for 30 years. God called me to work as one of the County Chaplains in 2009 and I have had the privilege of working with the Cowlitz Chaplaincy for almost 10 years.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
A servant…
A prayer warrior…
And a fellow worker in the field…

"We are the wire, God is the current. Our only power is to let the current pass through us." - Carlo Carretto

Steve Hogg - Elder

Where Are You From?
Oreland, PA (just outside Philadelphia)

What Do/Did You Do for a Living?
I'm a retired US Marine. I am presently working at Cowlitz County Juvenile Detention Center as the Assistant Detention and Programs Manager.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
I'm a member of the General Council of Elders.

Linda Doran - Administrator

Where Are You From?
Longview, WA

What Do/Did You Do for a Living?
I have worked for Valley for many years.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
Office Manager.

Wendy Pastor - Administrator

Where Are You From?
I grew up in San Diego, California, spent 20 years in Memphis, TN and in 2009 in preparation for retirement we moved to the Kelso/Longview area.

What Do/Did You Do For a Living?
In between being a wife and mom, over the years I've worked for several churches and christian schools in San Diego and Memphis, a legal secretary for an attorney in Memphis and am currently the administrative assistant at Valley.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
My greatest passion is getting women involved in studying God's Word. There is a great quote by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth that says, "Your relationship with Christ will never be any greater than your relationship with His Word." If you want to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord I would love to talk to you about getting involved in women's Bible study!

Vinni Straube - Youth Director

Where Are You From?
Originally Pahrump, NV

What Do/Did You Do For a Living?
I currently am a Housing specialist for CORE mental health. I also coach CrossFit.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
I get the fun job! I am the youth director.

Andrew Nguyen - Associate Pastor

Where Are You From?
I was born in raised in Longview, WA. I lived in Salem, OR and Portland OR for awhile before moving back.

What Do/Did You Do for a Living?
I've done quite a few different things! I've worked for Longview Parks and Rec, a Private Christian School, retail at Target, and Youth Ministry. Along with my current ministry position, I am a CF-L1 coach and future PN1 coach.

How Would You Describe Your Role(s) at Valley?
I am the Associate Pastor here at Valley. That primarily means I assist Mike and the Elders further the Gospel Ministry here at Valley.

I also currently operate as the Children's Ministry Director. My hope and aim is to partner with families to raise Gospel-centered children.


The Bible

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. God has used specific humans with their specific personalities to write exactly what He intended. Because God is the source of Scripture, we believe that the Bible is fully reliable, trustworthy and infallible.


As revealed in the Bible, we believe that there is one God but exists in three distinct beings: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God is the creator of all and He sustains all things. He is all powerful, all wise, all knowing and ever present, perfect in His love and justice and is to be worshipped because of who He is and all He has done.


We believe that humanity is created in the image of God or the "Imago Dei", but due to our natural tendency to live selfishly, we live lives of sin and have rebelled against God’s intent for us. The results of this is death, both physical and spiritual. Spiritual death is lived out as eternal separation from God. For this reason, we desperately need God's intervention.


We believe that salvation is through the grace of Jesus and Him alone; without Him, we remain condemned to hell. Because of humanity’s sinful rebellion, Jesus died on the cross and paid the consequence for our sin completely. If we will place our trust in what Jesus did on the cross and ask Him to forgive us of our sin then God has promised to freely give us salvation. This is called the Gospel and because of it, we can now live in peace with God and honor him through lives that bring him glory.


We believe that church is not a building or a service, but the people of God living in community with each other to reflect the awesomeness of who God is and what He has done. We do this by gathering weekly to worship, regularly to fellowship and grow and also by scattering into our neighborhoods, workplaces and schools and across the world to demonstrate the love of Jesus and share the Gospel message to everyone God connects us with.


The Electric Bean

946 Washington Way. Longview, WA

6:00 PM


The Pacific Way

2911 Pacific Way Longview, WA

11:00 AM

The Heights

3136 Columbia Heights Rd. Longview, WA

9:00 AM


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