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Emergency Missions Request

Hey Valley,

I received an emergency request from the Asia Pacific Rim of the IMB for 15 childcare workers at a retreat in Malaysia that begins June 11. 

It’s a long shot that we can fill this request, but if your church can do so, here is a link to the request:

Specifically, 15 child workers are needed to help provide child care while the APAC Southern Crescent Cluster is meeting in Malaysia from June 11-18, 2022. All of these workers must be vaccinated to help. 

Event Location: A'famosa Resort

Location:  Malacca, Malaysia 

The cost of this trip for housing and food for the week is around $500.

A roundtrip flight from the Northwest to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is running around $1600

Total price is in the ballpark of around $2100 (low end) to $2300 (max)


For additional information and questions email or call Jeff “Wally” Waligora Affinity Connections Strategist – Asian Pacific Rim Peoples 


USA cell: 804-426-4466

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Weekend Focus 2.19.22

Last night I was gifted with a rare opportunity to celebrate a milestone birthday of one of my friends. He's turning 16 this year, and for many of us that marked a significant change in how we perceived ourselves. The "sweet sixteen" was a cultural hallmark of the golden years of teenhood for a long time.

Teens today can correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that they don't feel the same way about things as that cultural phrase would imply. For them, just as it was for us, these formative years are often uncertain, often dark, often without a clear view of what is to come in the next years.

I find it interesting, then, that on Wednesdays we have been looking at Moses and Israel in the wilderness -- completely uncertain of which way God will lead them, often in mortal danger, usually grumbling about the way God is working in their lives.

But oh, what joy and hope we find there! As the people of God, we look to His word and find that He has guided and cared for His people for thousands of years! Even when His people are faithless, He is faithful. Even when we forget to give Him the glory, He is still glorified and seated on His throne.

Let's get together and worship Him this weekend, shall we?

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Friday Focus 2.4.22

Every time the month changes, I find myself stopping to reflect. Just an instant ago it was 2019. Each year flies by in a whirlwind of activity, goals, triumphs, and tragedies. January of 2022 is already here and gone. My daughter is about to be 7 weeks old and my son is going on 2 and a half!

Our days go by quickly, fam. Our days are numbered, and time is not a commodity we can renew. The world likes to say things like "make the most of every moment" or "seize the day." Psalm 90 reminds us that our time on this earth is very brief. It's downright fleeting, but God is from everlasting to everlasting. The psalm cries out to God to "teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

How is God working in your life today? What is He teaching you in this moment?

Focus on Him, and I'll see you in worship.

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Friday Focus 1.28.21

Hey there, Valley. I know it's been a while since I've written so thank you for being gracious with me. It's been a whirlwind month and I've been loving it. My daughter is getting bigger all the time, my son's personality continues to develop each day, and my lovely wife continues to be an excellent partner and a wonderful mom.

So what's your point, Stephen? How does this focus me for the weekend? Well let me tell you another story.

This week my boys' study did a dive into Psalm 23. If you're not readily familiar with it, it's the one that says "even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you are with me."

It's a song that David wrote talking about the provision and guidance of God in all of life's struggles. When we face fear, danger, persecution, or plague -- God is there guiding, correcting, and providing for our needs and leading us in righteousness.

Last week we saw how God provided in the life of Joseph so much so that through him God provided for the entire world. We serve an astonishing God.

As life is uncertain, as trials are abundant, and as God's hand is sometimes hard to see, He is the same God who provided for Joseph, who guided and corrected David, and who is living and active even now.

Remember your source of strength. Remember the God that instructs and guides you.

I'll see you in worship.

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Midweek Ministry Update
Hey Valley!

So a handful of our youth and children ministry leaders are still dealing with illness or isolation from exposure.

Unfortunately, this means our midweek youth and children programs will not happen this evening. 

The good news is that most of our crew seem to be on the mend and we will resume weekend services this Saturday and Sunday! 

As always, if you do have any symptoms of sickness, please stay home, rest up and let us know if we can serve you in any way! 

I hope to see you this weekend!

Loving people toward Jesus,
Pastor Mike
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Services This Weekend

Hey Church Family,

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to this weekend and beginning the year with you worshipping our God and Savior!

That said, I want you to share with you a few details about services. 

First, all three services will be happening at the Pacific Way Campus. 

6 PM Saturday at the PWC (with live stream)

9 AM Sunday at the PWC

11 AM Sunday at the PWC (with live stream)

Also, this weekend we will be using digital programs (in place of printed ones). You can access it here:

Finally, Monday we kick of the Valley Bible Reading Plan for 2022!! I have brief video update about the Bible reading and a daily devotion that is going to be happening along with it! Check it out here:

Loving people toward Jesus,

Pastor Mike

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Friday Focus 12/31/21

Hey there, Valley!

Sorry I've been gone for a while. For those that haven't heard, my daughter was born just over a week ago! Jessica and baby Elowyn are doing great, and while Lochlain is definitely a ball of energy, he seems to be adjusting well.

Today is the last day of 2021. For many people in our society, that's a beacon of hope in a difficult world. For them, 2020 and 2021 have seen dark days and the dawn of a new year brings with it the possibility of a brighter future.

How sad it has been, then, that their hopes have been dashed and the world is still a difficult place.

Yet our hope is not in dates, or political parties, or seasons that come and go. Our hope is in our risen Lord. He have joy in trials, hope in struggles, and a promise that all things work for the good of those who love Him. Jesus will be glorified, and that is our greatest desire.

Who knows what 2022 will bring? Jesus does. And guess what? He tells us not to worry about the future. Live today, live for Him. THIS is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.

I'll see you in worship!

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Monday Memo — December 27, 2021

Hey Valley!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! It was a joy seeing so many of you at our Christmas Eve serves and then again on Sunday. You can the Christmas Eve Service recordings here and Andrew’s sermon about Jesus as the desire of nations here.

I am excited to start the New Year with a series looking at the life of Joseph. His story is found in Genesis 37-50 and in it we find a person of faith who not only was a victim and became a victor, but ultimately we see a story of God using Joseph to be His own vessel of providence. I hope to see you this coming weekend as we begin.

Also, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to jump on board the Valley Bible Reading Plan. You can pick up a printed copy of the plan at services or download it here. Maybe consider inviting a few other people to join you in this year’s Bible reading!

Loving People Toward Jesus,

Pastor Mike

VCF Podcast: 



Valley Reading Plan

Dec 27  Zech 11-12 & Rev 19

Dec 28  Zech 13-14 & Rev 20

Dec 29  Mal 1-2 & Rev 21

Dec 31  Mal 3-4 & Rev 22

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Friday Focus 11.19.21

It's just about time for the Thanksgiving feast!

You know what I'm thankful for? A chance to pause with my church and celebrate what God has given us. Also copious amounts of food.

And also for this upcoming series. If you havent heard, I won't spoil it for you, but Christmas season is upon us. Time to celebrate the coming of the King!

I'll see you in worship.

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Friday Focus 11/12/21

Every week I'm tempted to start my focus post with "What a crazy week!" but since it seems every week is crazy, I suppose crazy is perfectly normal for us!

At least we aren't boring!

This week saw the Northwest Baptist Convention, the Great PWC Flood of '21, and the birthday of one of my best friends! What a week! But guess what? You know how I'm all about community? In each thing that happened this week I was encouraged to be part of Valley. The convention is always a bustling hive of networking, updates, worship, and fellowship -- so that's pretty cool. The Great Flood of '21 inspired SO MANY of us to swoop in with shop vacs and save the day -- I'm not kidding when I say we were tripping the safety features of wall outlets because we had so many people descending on the PWC to help clean up the water. It was truly an awesome moment and made me see yet again how much I love you guys.

This week we'll be finishing up our study of 1 Thessalonians (unless that preacher man finds even more gold in the Word to share with us). I genuinely am eager to get back together with my church fam and worship.

See you in service!

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