Summer Discipleship with Your Kids! Jun 19 (Wed.)

Summer is upon us! This week we discuss a way to engage your kids spiritually with a summer plan that Pastor Mike is doing with his own kids! The resource we refer to can be found at the following link: Want to write in? You can write to us To subscribe to the podcast … Continue reading Summer Discipleship with Your Kids!

The VCF Podcast May 14 (Tue.)

Hey Valley! We’ve been working on bringing to you the official VCF podcast! Available in the iTunes Podcast Library, Sound Cloud and Android. If you’d like to listen use the link above! In the very first episode, Mike and Andrew discuss the foundation of all ministry! Have topic ideas, or want to write in? You … Continue reading The VCF Podcast

Growing As A Church Dec 20 (Thu.)

For the past few months, Valley has been working through the process of revitalizing the deacon ministry. We have actually given a fair amount of attention to a ministry that is designed in some ways to fly under the radar. This is because the word “deacon” literally means servant. The ministry of deacons is to … Continue reading Growing As A Church

Sign Up for for a Photo Directory Photo Oct 16 (Tue.)

Hello Valley! If you’ve been following allowing the Valley Happenings, you’ll know that we are putting together a photo directory for the church. If you haven’t heard, professional photographers will be coming November 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, and 15th to take photos of you and your family. You will receive a free 8 x 10 … Continue reading Sign Up for for a Photo Directory Photo

3 Ways to Teach Kids to Trust God Instead of Worry Oct 15 (Mon.)

There was once a kid who was used to do martial arts. At the age of seven he entered a tournament, he had been feeling confident in his ability since he had been training for a few years. After he won several of his sparring matches but eventually lost, and he took that defeat really … Continue reading 3 Ways to Teach Kids to Trust God Instead of Worry


The Electric Bean

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6:00 PM


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11:00 AM

The Heights

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9:00 AM


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