July 12, 2021 Michael Freeman

Monday Memo, July 12

Monday Memo, July 12

Hey Valley!

Greetings from Kansas City! I am here for a week of study all focused on doctrine and preaching. While it is exciting to be here, I sure missed seeing my church family this past weekend.

Last week was a joy as keenagers had a great relaunch and the Mom 2 Mom picnic day was fun (at least that is what I heard from the mom in our home). 

We also had another strong weekend with Stephen Hall preaching on "rejecting passivity." That message can be found here on our Youtube page.

This coming weekend Andrew is going to continue the series and as we look to August please keep our VBS and Mission to Texas preparations in your prayers!

Loving People Toward Jesus,

Pastor Mike


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Valley Reading Plan

Jul 12 Isa 32 & 1 Cor 4

Jul 13 Isa 33-34 & 1 Cor 5

Jul 14 Isa 35-36 & 1 Cor 6

Jul 15 Isa 37-38 & 1 Cor 7

Jul 16 Isa 39 & 1 Cor 8