July 19, 2021 Michael Freeman

Monday Memo

Monday Memo

Hey Valley!

It was so great to be back in worship together this weekend. I had missed seeing you and sharing communion together at each service was a true encouragement to my soul. If you would like to catch up on some theology regarding the Lord's Supper you can find the sermon here and the notes here

Also, yesterday the Texas Mission team met and are in the final stages of preparation for their trip at the end of the month. I would like to invite you to begin praying for this team by name. 

Please be praying for preparation to continue, for the unity of the team, and for a significant gospel impact as they serve some of the least fortunate in our country. 

Braxton Castle

Dan Castle

Ely Castle

Laura Cummings

Jayden Freeman

Mike Freeman

Tommy Jones III

Patty L'Amie

Peggy Long

Rich Long

Clint Romag

Alex Yanez

Loving People Toward Jesus,

Pastor Mike


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Valley Reading Plan

Jul 19 Isa 40-41 & 1 Cor 9

Jul 20 Isa 42-43 & 1 Cor 10

Jul 21 Isa 44-45 & 1 Cor 11

Jul 22 Isa 46 & 1 Cor 12

Jul 23 Isa 47-48 & 1 Cor 13