August 06, 2021 Stephen Klukas

Friday Focus 8-6-21

Hey all! Let me tell you, I'm pretty excited for this VBS. I've spent much of today working on the technology side of the week, and as I've worked through curriculum and music it's building a sense of anticipation. If you don't already know, this year's theme revolves around evidence that shows we can trust the Bible and know that what it says is true -- especially what it says about Jesus.

Kids today are surrounded by falsehood. I just talked to my students this week about "clickbait" (which they understand better than I do) and how people on the internet, people in politics, sometimes even your friends are more interested in what you provide them than in caring about your life. Kids in this society understand insincerity and falsehood. They see it all the time.

Valley has an opportunity to show them truth. We have a week's worth of activities and songs that get our foot in the doorway of their lives so we can show authentic care. We can show that we love them the way Christ loves us.

Pray for this week. Pray for Valley. Pray for the kids of Longview/Kelso.