November 05, 2021 Stephen Klukas

Friday Focus 11/5/21

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about community. I've had seasons of my life where I've been plugged in to my church and engaged in a thriving group of people, many of whom were invested in my life and spiritual health. I've also had seasons where I've been apart from church and family, feeling disconnected and alone.

I've been reflecting on this lately because this week we launched two new small group youth ministries -- one for guys, one for gals. In my life I remember those small group studies that meant so much to me, and my hope is that God will use Valley in the lives of these teens and build up communities that glorify Him.

As I look back at last weekend, I find myself with yet another reason to be thankful, and yet another reason to rejoice. I am thankful for this family, Valley, as we continue time and again to come together to serve each other and grow in righteousness.

See you in service!