November 13, 2021 Stephen Klukas

Friday Focus 11/12/21

Every week I'm tempted to start my focus post with "What a crazy week!" but since it seems every week is crazy, I suppose crazy is perfectly normal for us!

At least we aren't boring!

This week saw the Northwest Baptist Convention, the Great PWC Flood of '21, and the birthday of one of my best friends! What a week! But guess what? You know how I'm all about community? In each thing that happened this week I was encouraged to be part of Valley. The convention is always a bustling hive of networking, updates, worship, and fellowship -- so that's pretty cool. The Great Flood of '21 inspired SO MANY of us to swoop in with shop vacs and save the day -- I'm not kidding when I say we were tripping the safety features of wall outlets because we had so many people descending on the PWC to help clean up the water. It was truly an awesome moment and made me see yet again how much I love you guys.

This week we'll be finishing up our study of 1 Thessalonians (unless that preacher man finds even more gold in the Word to share with us). I genuinely am eager to get back together with my church fam and worship.

See you in service!