February 19, 2022 Stephen Klukas

Weekend Focus 2.19.22

Last night I was gifted with a rare opportunity to celebrate a milestone birthday of one of my friends. He's turning 16 this year, and for many of us that marked a significant change in how we perceived ourselves. The "sweet sixteen" was a cultural hallmark of the golden years of teenhood for a long time.

Teens today can correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that they don't feel the same way about things as that cultural phrase would imply. For them, just as it was for us, these formative years are often uncertain, often dark, often without a clear view of what is to come in the next years.

I find it interesting, then, that on Wednesdays we have been looking at Moses and Israel in the wilderness -- completely uncertain of which way God will lead them, often in mortal danger, usually grumbling about the way God is working in their lives.

But oh, what joy and hope we find there! As the people of God, we look to His word and find that He has guided and cared for His people for thousands of years! Even when His people are faithless, He is faithful. Even when we forget to give Him the glory, He is still glorified and seated on His throne.

Let's get together and worship Him this weekend, shall we?