May 13, 2022 Michael Freeman

Emergency Missions Request

Emergency Missions Request

Hey Valley,

I received an emergency request from the Asia Pacific Rim of the IMB for 15 childcare workers at a retreat in Malaysia that begins June 11. 

It’s a long shot that we can fill this request, but if your church can do so, here is a link to the request:

Specifically, 15 child workers are needed to help provide child care while the APAC Southern Crescent Cluster is meeting in Malaysia from June 11-18, 2022. All of these workers must be vaccinated to help. 

Event Location: A'famosa Resort

Location:  Malacca, Malaysia 

The cost of this trip for housing and food for the week is around $500.

A roundtrip flight from the Northwest to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is running around $1600

Total price is in the ballpark of around $2100 (low end) to $2300 (max)


For additional information and questions email or call Jeff “Wally” Waligora Affinity Connections Strategist – Asian Pacific Rim Peoples 


USA cell: 804-426-4466