I'm New Here!

Connecting with a church can be an intimidating task. Below is information that will you get to know: us, what to expect when attending a service and how to get a little more plugged in.

What to Expect at a Weekend Service:

1. Somebody will say, "Hi."
2. The band will play some worship songs.
3. The Pastor will share from the Bible
4. We'll put connection cards and offerings in the buckets when they pass.
5. After about 75 minutes, our service will be over.

A Letter from Pastor Mike

We are so glad you visited today! Tt Valley, you will find a bunch of people who are learning how to follow Jesus together, no matter where they have come from or what they are wrestling with. I hope you find this to be somewhere you can be yourself, relax, and see how much Jesus does care for you and how much we do also! Feel free to stop by after a service and say “Hi.” I would love to meet you!

– Pastor Mike

How to Get Connected:


Get Fed

About once a month it is our privilege to host a lunch for anyone who has started hanging out at Valley. We do this after our 11 AM service at the Pacific Way Campus. If you want to join us for great food and the opportunity to get to know some of the leaders, you can rsvp with office@vcflongview.org or by calling 360.425.1061

Get Together:

One of the best ways to connect with other people and grow in your faith is by being part of a group of people who also want to grow. There are many different groups to choose from here at Valley. If you are interested in connecting with a group you can mark that on a connection card or reach out to the office at office@vcflongview.org or call 360.425.1061

Get Involved: Serving Together

Take a look around the church and you’ll see people leading and serving in many ways. They have found Valley a place to connect with others by serving side by side, and living their life’s mission. There are opportunities with youth, children, worship, welcoming others and not to mention all of the things that happen during the week. Whatever your calling, there is a place for you here. The best way to get involved is by using a connection card or reaching out to the office at office@vcflongview.org or by calling 360.425.1061


The Electric Bean

946 Washington Way. Longview, WA

6:00 PM


The Pacific Way

2911 Pacific Way Longview, WA

11:00 AM

The Heights

3136 Columbia Heights Rd. Longview, WA

9:00 AM


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